World Renown California Artist

Mr. Laycox attended The University of California and California State University in San Francisco. He held a teaching degree from the latter.

His early training and career were in engineering. However, before his death in 1985 he had devoted thirty five years of his time and energies entirely to the development of a natural artistic talent and a professional career in art. The result of that devotion can be seen readily in his superb oil and watercolor paintings.

Laycox's paintings are boldly impressionistic; colorful. "La Revue Moderne", Paris art publication, described them as "dynamic, vivid, animated and exciting experience". Though conceived in boldness and color, the viewer will feel the sophisticated balance of his composition, the delight of his interpretation and the excellence of his execution. These impart a feeling of joy and give a lasting satisfaction. The inner emotional content of the paintings, so characteristic of Jack Laycox's work, can be felt alike in his interpretations of the city and the out-of-doors; be it a European street scene, an Oriental Harbor, a Sylvan Forest in New England, or of California's High Sierra.

The late artist had gained numerous awards and widespread recognition. He lectured frequently and often was asked to serve as an art juror. His works have been exhibited at the New York galleries of the American Watercolor Society, galleries of the Western Artists in San Francisco, The Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, and The Brooks Memorial Galleries in Memphis, Tennessee. His works have also been exhibited as examples of Contemporary American Art in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.



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